Surprise Willow Tree® Ornament Sculpted by Susan Lordi

Surprise Ornament Willow Tree®

A bouquet of wonderful wishes
SKU: 28096
“When tulips bloom, they’re such a delightful surprise — a harbinger of spring… of longer days, sunshine, outdoor activity, new beginnings and refreshing changes. This ornament holding a bouquet of purple tulips could be given to a friend as a congrats gift, a get-well gift, a symbol of hopefulness and renewal. A bouquet of tulips can be the little surprise gift that lifts one’s spirits for no reason at all!” –Susan Lordi
A gift to express best wishes, a congrats gift, perhaps for someone making life transitions or moving on to something new. A piece to welcome spring after a long winter or for those who love flowers... For holidays or everyday, ornaments celebrate li fe's milestones in a small, commemorative format. This ornament is a smaller-sized version of Surprise Figure with brown elastic cord for hanging.