Our Exclusive Mossed Stable Only Compatible with Nativity  (Figures Not Included)
$98.72 $119.99

Our exclusive Moss Stable made of solid wood and authentic natural moss. 12.2"H X 14.96"W X 7.09"D.  Beautiful nature of our exclusive moss enhances the Willow Tree® Nativity Figures traditionally and beautifully.  The Essence of God's Beauty is shown in this Solid Wood Stable with Steel Staple Joinery of the hand assembled wood and adorned with natural moss.  Natural differences in tones and sizes of wood will vary to enhance its natural charm.  Exclusive for our customers by one of our key suppliers.  Please note the Stable Is Not A Willow Tree® product but was sourced by us to offer to our customers and to compliment nativity sets we carry online and in our Minnesota showroom. Solid wood.  2.2"H X 14.96"W X 7.09"D.  Suitable for Willow Tree® HOLY FAMILY, NATIVITY or any other brand of Nativity in this scale..