Complete Willow Tree® Nativity by Susan Lordi Bundle
$806.43 $899.00

Complete Willow Tree® Nativity Set

Each Component is individually boxed in retail packaging so you can give the whole, or portion of the set!

Consists of: 1-Creche, 1-Nativity, 1-Wisemen, 1 Animal and Shepherd Set, 2-Metal Star Backdrop, 1 -Little Shepherdess, 1-Zampognaro, 1-Ox and Goat, 1-Peace on Earth Figurine, 2 Cypress Tree Sets, 1 Dance of Life, 1 Song of Joy.

Simplicity and classic form mark this timeless scene. As enduring as the story it portrays, the Willow Tree Nativity has become part of families’ holiday traditions since it was introduced with the original collection of Willow Tree in January 2000.