Starlight Willow Tree® Tree Topper Sculpted by Susan Lordi

Starlight Tree Topper

Radiating warmth, light and love
SKU: 27277
  • Packaging Info: Gift Box
  • Materials: resin, metal
  • Measurements: 12"h
"Christmas is all about giving... so I wanted this Tree Topper to give a presence of light. A star is such a strong Christmas symbol... perhaps that's why it has traditionally graced the top of the tree. Since the sun is also a star, I designed the Starlight Tree Topper with a sun-like shape... the sun, by its very nature, radiates warmth, energy and light. It draws us in; it brings us together." –Susan Lordi
Starlight Tree Topper holds a delicate, pierced metal star encrusted with glitter that catches the light and sparkles at every angle. The inside of the figure is hollow to accommodate the top branch of the tree.